Change of Seasons

Hello all. Yesterday, Fall began. Where we live, in the Atlanta area, it is possible to glance at certain trees and see them beginnings to change colors. A few thoughts come to mind as we usher in this autumnal season.

First, of course, is with the ever present Corona virus. It has been half a year that the world has been fighting this disease. This battle reminds us that we are united as a human race against this plague. We are indeed responsible for one another in so many ways. When I wear a mask, I am doing my part to help my fellow citizen regardless of race, faith or creed. When I pray, I pray for the health of all affected by this illnesses. The lesson I think is apparent: We should indeed “Love our Neighbors as Ourselves.” By adopting that standard of concern, we as a global community, will engage and confront this problem.

My second thought about the coming of Fall was one of comfort. Just as the seasons come and go in their natural order, it is my hope and prayer that we will be able to, fairly soon, return to our old normal activities. The falling of the leaves reminds us that after Fall comes winter followed by a new Spring. A spring time when we observe the holidays of Passover and Easter and more. Spring means new life, new beginnings and hope. Hope in a brighter future can be a powerful motivator during trying times. I believe that in the not so distant future, I will once again be able to embrace loved ones fully. I believe that we will be able to participate in the full gamut of social activities that we have made part of our lives. It is that hope for the future that can strengthen us as we go through the lean and cold times that lie ahead. Spring, hope and normalcy lie ahead. Be patient, be strong!

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