The goal of the JCDC  is to respectfully educate Jews and Christians about the countless faith-based connections that they have. This awareness is accomplished by relating the religious history of Jesus’ family,  community and followers. His education, which prepared him to be a rabbi, also reflected his spiritual orientation. A second step in achieving this objective will be to offer original interpretations for many of the stories found in the Christian Bible. A third aim is to create new and inventive symbols, rituals and events which reflect the deep and abiding relationships that Jews and Christians could enjoy. Ultimately, our mission is to increase interfaith knowledge while simultaneously reducing anti-Semitism. 

The process of achieving the above goals will be multi-dimensional.

** A book, “A New Look at Rabbi Jesus: Jews and Christians Finally Reconnected,” will function as our primary focus of study. This text will generate lectures, study-guides and public forums to be used by individuals and groups. 

**A second approach will be the use of internet sources. Jewish daily, Sabbath and holiday services will be made available on line to help enlighten people around the globe about such religious events.

**A third level for goal accomplishment will involve a public-awareness campaign to spread the aspirations and thinking of the JCDC. 

**A fourth and future goal will be to create tours of Israel that reflect abiding connections which Jews and Christians share.