J-Star 2022 Visits

Dr. Abraham had a great visiting the students at the ‘Catholic Church of St. Ann’ in Marietta, GA, a couple of weeks ago to talk about the J- Star. We appreciate and honor our friendship with St. Anns. Here are some pictures from our visit!

The Flying Torah

The JCDC is proud to present our 3rd book, “The Flying Torah.” The first book, “The Hanukkah Miracle,” and our second book is “The Matzah that Saved Easter” in our series. Follow along with the adventures of Kristie and her friends!

Upcoming activities!

Fall 2021–

The JCDC is hard at work–

** creating video content for kids, teens, Sunday School classes, and church groups

** seeking partnerships with churches in the area to do J-Star 2021

** looking for speaking engagements around the country via Zoom, Dr. Abraham has an comprehensive background of bible knowledge, world history and chaplaincy. Dr. Abraham also can talk about civil rights. He is available for local in person or zoom events as well.

** Looking for a focus group that we can bounce ideas off of for content on the website, and overall ways in which we can better service your church needs.

Where to Find Us…

Are you looking for a certain content of the Jewish Christian Discovery Center?

On YouTube you can find one minute and longer form videos about the Torah, Israel, Hebrew and more. Perfect for a Church religious school class. Also you can find the short film, “A Hanukkah Miracle” and soon to be a Passover/Easter film.

On Facebook you can find a library of our Facebook Lives, the latest going on with the Jewish Christian Discovery Center.

On Instagram you can find our InstaLives and updates on what we are doing.

On this website, we give you a longer view of what’s coming up with JCDC for the year.

Change of Seasons

Hello all. Yesterday, Fall began. Where we live, in the Atlanta area, it is possible to glance at certain trees and see them beginnings to change colors. A few thoughts come to mind as we usher in this autumnal season.

First, of course, is with the ever present Corona virus. It has been half a year that the world has been fighting this disease. This battle reminds us that we are united as a human race against this plague. We are indeed responsible for one another in so many ways. When I wear a mask, I am doing my part to help my fellow citizen regardless of race, faith or creed. When I pray, I pray for the health of all affected by this illnesses. The lesson I think is apparent: We should indeed “Love our Neighbors as Ourselves.” By adopting that standard of concern, we as a global community, will engage and confront this problem.

My second thought about the coming of Fall was one of comfort. Just as the seasons come and go in their natural order, it is my hope and prayer that we will be able to, fairly soon, return to our old normal activities. The falling of the leaves reminds us that after Fall comes winter followed by a new Spring. A spring time when we observe the holidays of Passover and Easter and more. Spring means new life, new beginnings and hope. Hope in a brighter future can be a powerful motivator during trying times. I believe that in the not so distant future, I will once again be able to embrace loved ones fully. I believe that we will be able to participate in the full gamut of social activities that we have made part of our lives. It is that hope for the future that can strengthen us as we go through the lean and cold times that lie ahead. Spring, hope and normalcy lie ahead. Be patient, be strong!

Survey Results

The Jewish-Christian Discovery Center conducted a professional survey, and every Friday we have been doing videos on Facebook and Instagram. Here are the questions- please join the conversation on Facebook or Instagram about these subjects.

  • Is Judaism a race, religion or ethnicity?
  • How old is the Jewish religion?
  • What do Jews believe about Jesus?
  • What faith were Jesus & Mary?
  • What faith did Jesus practice throughout his life?
  • Which groups were friendly to Jesus and his followers?
  • Who is responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus?
  • What is the origin of the idea that Jews have a unique connection to wealth?
  • Have you heard of and studied the Gospel of Judas and the infancy gospels?
  • What is the meaning of the phrase, “His blood be upon us and our children!”
  • What impact did the Roman authorities have on Jesus’ life?
  • What is the primary cause of antisemitism (anti-Jewishness)?
  • In your opinion, what is the best way to counter anti-semitism?
  • What subject about Jews and Judaism would you like to learn more about?

Join us every Friday at noon EST for the results of the survey we took! What do other people know about Jesus, and Judaism??? Come find out! https://www.facebook.com/JewishChristianDiscoveryCenter/

“Love your Neighbor as Yourself”

A message from our founder, Rabbi Slomovitz/Dr. Abraham- Hello all. For the past few years, I have been making the point that one of the main themes that links the Hebrew and Christian faiths is the concept of, “Love your Neighbor as Yourself.”  The origin of these words is the book of Leviticus. The sentiment is universal and most likely extends back into pre-Biblical periods of civilization. Its essence is on display daily as the entire country and much of the world struggles mightily to confront the Covid 19 virus. The virus knows none of the artificial boundaries that we spend much of our life reinforcing: gender distinctions, racial separations, differing nationalities and creeds, are subject to its harm.  Our response must be a human one. People, expert in the fields of medicine, nursing and infectious diseases, have been wonderfully forthcoming with their wisdom on how best to fight this modern day plague.

Neighbors are helping neighbors. Advice and help of all sorts is being given freely one to the other. The irony about all this is that while we give of ourselves we are forced to do so at a distance. Social and physical distancing doesn’t mean that we have to be emotionally or spiritually apart. We give and help each other because it’s the right and humane thing to do.

Coming next week are the spring holidays of Passover and Easter. Both represent the a new season of hope, a belief in God acting in history and a desire to begin a new season of growth and new life. Let us hope and pray that we survive through April and are able to experience a more peaceful May and June and step back to our normative lives.