Book Characters

We are proud to introduce you to Kristie. Kristie joins us across our Children Book Series– She is first introduced to us in “The Hanukkah Miracle” where she helps her mom find something that is lost. Then we join her in “The Matzah that Saved Easter” where she used the matzah she made at a synagogue to help her Church out. Then finally, she joins us in “The Flying Torah” where she goes on a very special trip in her dreams. These short stories are perfect for a Church Sunday School classroom or for personal use.

Check out all the full series at Barnes & Noble online and

Dr. Abraham Talks

Do you know about Jesus & the tallit? The tallit (or tallis) is a Jewish shawl that is used in prayer. Join Dr. Abraham has he discusses the connection that Jesus would have had with this ancient practice.

Happy New Years

Things to expect in January– release of our Activity Book #3 related to ‘The Flying Torah,’ an update on our movie, and we are working on a Spanish translation of our books!

J-Star 2022 Visits

Dr. Abraham had a great visiting the students at the ‘Catholic Church of St. Ann’ in Marietta, GA, a couple of weeks ago to talk about the J- Star. We appreciate and honor our friendship with St. Anns. Here are some pictures from our visit!

The Flying Torah

The JCDC is proud to present our 3rd book, “The Flying Torah.” The first book, “The Hanukkah Miracle,” and our second book is “The Matzah that Saved Easter” in our series. Follow along with the adventures of Kristie and her friends!

Upcoming activities!

Fall 2021–

The JCDC is hard at work–

** creating video content for kids, teens, Sunday School classes, and church groups

** seeking partnerships with churches in the area to do J-Star 2021

** looking for speaking engagements around the country via Zoom, Dr. Abraham has an comprehensive background of bible knowledge, world history and chaplaincy. Dr. Abraham also can talk about civil rights. He is available for local in person or zoom events as well.

** Looking for a focus group that we can bounce ideas off of for content on the website, and overall ways in which we can better service your church needs.