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Podcast – Rabbi Jesus My Brother

Jews and Christians are “spiritual siblings” and share the same “spiritual DNA”. Listen with Dr. Slomovitz as he teaches and inspires Jews and Christians to learn their common religious, historical and spiritual roots.

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Episode 1 – Spiritual DNA

Episode 2 – History as Part of Our Spiritual DNA

Episode 3 – New Ways to Read the Bible

Episode 4 – A New Way to Understand the Bible

Episode 5 – A New Look at the Book of Matthew

Episode 6 – Setting the Historical Stage for Jesus

Episode 7 – The Miracle of Judaism

Episode 8 – Matthew 1:1 Jesus at the Beginning

Episode 9 – The Revelation in Front of US

Episode 10 – A New Look at the Virgin Birth Story – Part 1

Episode 11 – Continuing the Story of the Virgin Birth

Episode 12 – The Meaning of Emmanuel for Us

Episode 13 – Importance of Bethlehem

Episode 14 – Herod/Pharaoh/Jesus